You’re a business who value your customers, value your staff and want to be better at what you do. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are.

You know when to call for help, and think that advice or insight will really help you take a step forward in your function.

Who do we NOT work with?

With all businesses there are clients who one loves to work with, but there also has to be a line where you step back or choose not to get involved.

These are things which we won’t work with:

  • Where we don’t have the experience or expertise to help
  • Illegal or immoral activities
  • Non-payers
  • Clients who are rude, abusive or threatening. Life’s too short

What do we charge?

We operate a ‘Pay What You Can’ model, but we will ask you to agree an hourly rate with us up front and we will bill by the hour.

All charges will incur VAT at the current rate.

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